Hybrid shopping mall in the centre of Maintal

Located at the most central point of Maintal, in the middle of the traffic junction towards Hanau, the Lüder Group together with the Carlton Group is planning the redevelopment of a retail location that has been established for decades.

In addition to a new modern shopping centre, various specialist stores, shops and restaurants/cafés are to be built on the site where a heavily-frequented hypermarket has already been operating successfully.

Not only the retail location, which has been successful for decades, and the centrality speak for future success. As the centre of Maintal, the location is closely connected by footpaths to the neighbouring residential quarters, so that not only supra-regional customer loyalty but also local supply into Maintal itself remain assured.

The ongoing construction supervision process is to be continued. The project volume amounts to approx. € 50 million. The first construction measures are scheduled to begin in mid-2019.